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rodger graham

SMAPIS Founder, Lead Investigator EVP Specialist, Media Relations

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Rodger is a ghost hunter by night, plumber by day. He works for a ma & pop company called, “…And the Kitchen Sink.” He is an optimistic entrepreneur whose line of work has led him to many active locations. His specialties include EVP collection and analysis, orbology (the study of orbs), photographic and video evidence.

Rodger grew up in Troy, MI as the only child to William and Claire Graham. His mother passed away when he was two, leaving he and his father to live without the constraints of gentlemanly conduct. He maintained an A grade average all throughout school and kept very few friends. He often displayed odd social behavior, talking to people who weren’t there, or cutting off conversations in mid sentence to begin wandering aimlessly. When Rodger was seventeen, his father took him to a psychiatrist for evaluation. Rodger refused ongoing therapy and, against his father’s wishes, decided not to go to college.

Rodger founded SMAPIS in 1993 after an encounter with his deceased grandmother’s ghost. He and his father were cleaning out her attic shortly after her death to prepare the house for sale. Rodger heard a shuffling behind him, followed by a floor board creek. When he went to investigate the sound, his grandmother’s ghost whispered in his ear, “Find us.” This has become the SMAPIS motto.

Rodger prides himself on his almost completed book, “The Search for Paranormal Phenomena: a Guide.” He often quotes himself with relevant passages from it. He aspires to make SMAPIS a national venture, envisioning himself as the president of a huge, non-profit organization from which he makes a huge profit.

mary beavison

Medium/Clairvoyant (communicates with spirits)

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Mary is an assistant fourth grade teacher by day. She works at a quaint public school in rural Romeo, Michigan. She is a true believer in all things paranormal.

Mary was born and raised in Romeo with her two younger brothers, Larry and Earl. Her parents, Merl and May own a candy/ice cream/petting farm store in an old-fashioned country strip mall. Mary and her brothers worked at the store on weekends throughout their childhood. The old building is a haven for ghosts; snap shots taken inside often reveal orbs—the energy of spirits in a spherical shape, invisible to the naked eye.

When Mary was eleven, she frequently communicated with a seven-year-old boy spirit who told her that he was sick and couldn’t find his parents. Mary told him that his parents were in the light and that he shouldn’t be afraid of it. She hasn’t heard from him since.

She also often communicates with her great uncle, Ron, who had passed away while working in a salt mine in Detroit. Ron is her link to the spirit world, often relaying statistical information such as dates and names from other spirits.

Mary and Rodger met when she called a plumber to the store to fix a toilet. Rodger, not knowing Mary’s interest in the paranormal, told her that he had felt a strange presence in the bathroom. Particularly near the back window. Mary excitedly explained about the voices she hears from that corner every time she uses that bathroom. They founded SMAPIS six months later.

Halloween is Mary’s favorite time of the year. At the school where she works, she runs a Halloween book club. Students gather in the library on the floor around her twice a week in October while she reads. Some of the students believe she is a witch.

simon lechroy

First Officer, Photography/Video/Technology Advisor, Scientific Measurements

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Simon is a Radio Shack manager by day. He was drawn into the paranormal community when Rodger and Mary repeatedly stopped by the store requesting information about portable recorders, infra red scopes, digital thermometers, etc. Intrigued by Rodger and Mary’s enthusiasm about the paranormal, Simon began to conduct his own research through books and Internet sites. One day, Rodger and Mary stopped by the store to look at a new EMF meter. Simon surprised them with his sudden knowledge about the various equipment and they asked him to join SMAPIS as an electronic consultant. Simon has more than lived up to the title.

Simon grew up on Cap’n Crunch and Nintendo in Royal Oak, MI. He was on the debate team and the IBM computer club in high school. In tenth grade, he won first place at the science fair with a simple computer made out of a tape recorder and an oscilloscope.

Simon’s bedroom was filled with electronics stuff like circuit boards, dissected small appliances, soldering irons, etc. A poster of the Microsoft founding fathers hung above his workbench.

Simon is the resident skeptic of SMAPIS. He tries to keep Rodger and Mary on track as they tend to think everything they pick up must be a ghost. He always has a logical explanation for the evidence; Rodger and Mary often disagree.

randy scholski

Investigator, Equipment Manager, Operations Assistant

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Randy works at the corner gas station by day and/or night. He is the official SMAPIS gopher, and supervises the setup and breakdown of equipment on location. If batteries die, bulbs blow out, cameras and recorders run out of tape, he’s there to replace them. He also provides backup filming/EVP/photography where necessary.

Randy was born and raised in Warren, MI. He’d always mixed up with the wrong crowd in school and eventually dropped out.

Randy became interested in the paranormal world when he and some troubled friends broke into an abandoned asylum to drink and smoke weed. After consuming said products, the group began to hear children laughing. Upon investigation, no people could be found, but Randy saw a light dash across the hallway about 100 feet in front of them. He began to rent ghost movies and to visit message boards for people who claim to have seen ghosts.

Randy got involved with a ghost hunting group whose investigations usually turned into a drunken party and vandalizing property. He met Rodger and Mary when they came in to the gas station where he works to ask for directions to an abandoned warehouse where they were going to do a ghost hunt.

Randy’s biggest desire is to turn his life around. Being involved with SMAPIS is his first major step in the right direction.