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SMAPIS: The Ghost Finders, Episode Three

The Southeastern Michigan Alliance of Paranormal Investigators Society (SMAPIS) crew investigates the Drahner barn, said to be haunted by its original owner. The four-person team is lead by SMAPIS founder, Rodger Graham. Mary, a psychic medium, Randy, equipment manager, and Simon, resident skeptic round out the team.

find us

The Southeastern Michigan Alliance of Paranormal Investigators Society (SMAPIS) was founded in 1993 by Rodger Graham. His search for the paranormal began one fateful night when he and his father were cleaning out his deceased grandmother's attic. The spirit of Rodger's grandmother whispered in his ear, "find us."

"Find us," is now the official SMAPIS motto.

Check back often to see new video and photos of our continuing pursuit of all things paranormal.

the smapis protocol

General Rules

  • NO smoking tobacco products while pictures are being taken. If you must, blow it in the direction of the wind and away from the camera.
  • NO drugs or alcoholic beverages at the time of investigation. Save the party for after!
  • NEVER investigate alone; always investigate with a team of at least eight people: two photographers, two psychic mediums, two videographers and two EVP specialists. Good investigation requires balance.
  • NEVER run.
  • NEVER, EVER run.
  • NEVER, EVER, EVER... you get the idea.
  • ALWAYS carry a pocket knife, compass, first aid kit and, if available, a cell phone with text capabilities. You can't predict what'll happen on an investigation.
  • ALWAYS bring food and/or an open mind.

Investigation Protocol

  • Conduct your investigation as if it were a controlled scientific experiment. It helps to draw a quick diagram of where each investigator is; if arrangements change, draw a new one and notate the time in the upper-right hand corner.
  • Interview any witnesses that have experienced paranormal activity at the location being investigated. If possible, write down their experiences word-for-word.
  • Always write down any unusual smells, feelings, or noises that you are confronted with during the investigation and time stamp them. The more corroboration you have between evidence, the better.
  • Always write down the time, location, investigator and details of each occurrence.
  • When conducting an EVP session, always write down explained, extraneous background noises for later reference. EG, dogs barking, floorboards creaking, bats squeaking, car headlights, snakes, etc. They may be obvious to the observer at the time of investigation, but sound completely different and indefinable during analysis.
  • Do not allow the camera strap or hair to get in front of the lens; this can create false vortex anomalies in your photographs. I have a saying, "Wear a swimmer's cap and throw out the strap!"
  • Use a million candle-power flashlight or laser pointer to shine in the air before taking pictures. This will illuminate any extraneous dust particles that could cause false orb anomalies.
  • Do not take pictures of smooth-surfaced tomb stones. This will create flash reflections and cause false anomalies on film and video.
  • Turn off ALL lights when investigating an indoor location. If you can't find the switch, unscrew the light bulb. We're not sure why, but we seem to capture more evidence this way.