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the drahner barn



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This paranormal investigation takes our ghost hunters on a trip through Americana culture.

Old man Drahnerís barn has rich history dating back to the early 1800ís. In 1828, a man by the name of William Drahner immigrated to the United States from Britain with his wife, Elizabeth and two children, Sam and Sally. They built the house and barn over a span of ten years. Shortly after the barn was complete, William fell into a catatonic state. The farm quickly fell into disrepair, the crops died and nothing seemed to relieve William from his depression.

At 11:42 P.M., on the night of October 24th, 1840, William Drahner entered the barn, tended to the sheep and then shot himself in the head. Today, locals report hearing loud moans coming from the barn and occasionally, on the night of October 24th, at the stroke of 11:42, each year, a gunshot can be heard echoing across the countryside.

Photographic Evidence

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Personal Experiences

  • Rodger witnessed a shadow figure in the south-east corner of the loft. Though the loft was already dark, the shadow figure appeared as an inky, blacker-than-black outline. It quickly vanished when Rodger approached it.
  • Rodger witnessed an unintelligible whisper when entering the implement room. It seemed to have the tone of an adult female.
  • Mary sensed two playful, shy child entities. They seemed to be frightened by Randy's aura. Mary believes that Randy's energy reminded them of their father.
  • Randy saw a "gray lady."

The Verdict: HAUNTED

The Drahner barn shows classic signs of residual energy as well as active spirits. The ground beneath its foundation is rich in lime stone deposits, which some say can contribute to heightened levels of paranormal activity.

With the combination of personal experiences, photographic evidence and high EMF readings throughout, William Drahner's barn is undeniably haunted.